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Crappy Bass

Today I tried to make a better bass sound than yesterday’s failure. I decided to mix something from Thor with some noises from the PAIA Fatman!
PAIA Fatman Synth PadKontrol Sunset
Right now, it’s enclosed in a cardboard box, and moving it inevitably broke some of it’s guts. Sooo, pull out the sodering iron again. There was one wire hanging that was disconnected from…wherever it was connected to before, and instead of going through all the schematics and everything else trying to see where it was supposed to go, I just put soldered to wherever it looked like it should go. One end was still connected sketchily to a leg of one of the opamp IC’s, sooo I guessed that it was part of the filter mode mod, and soldered it to the corresponding switch.
After all this stress, it was making sounds again! Strangely, the oscillators were making this little clicking sound when tuned apart, sort of sounded like they were hard-synced, although the hard-sync switch was off. I’m not too worried, I’m going to do some more mods, fix everything and put it in a proper case when I, you know, get a job.
Fatman Bass


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