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Guitar Rig, Skippy Fills

Guitar Rig 3 LE in FL Studio
Today, I decided to go through all the old projects that I haven’t worked on in a while. Usually I’ll leave old things behind to work on something new every week or so, sometimes more frequently than that. Anyways, I opened one song up, and it seemed to be from my “slap Guitar Rig on everything” phase from a week or so ago. The beat needed a bit of variation, and since it was a beat I had made before and chopped up in a slicer channel, I just started rearranging some of the chops and making them shorter.Slicer Channel Piano Roll in FL Studio It ended up with a sort of ‘skipping cd’ sound, which is okay.

Taking Guitar Rig off of some things revealed how cheesy the sounds were, which I thought was hilarious. The lame supersaw synth was put through a Love Filter (philter?), with a bunch of looping envelopes controlling cutoff frequencies and whatever else before going into Guitar Rig.
Guitar Rig


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