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Note Repeat in FL Studio, just like an MPC!

The note repeat function on Akai MPCs allows you to trigger a sampler at an interval you chose just by holding down a pad; you hold down a pad, a hihat plays eighth notes or whatever. I’m pretty sure that some midi pad controllers from Akai can do this, just by sending a bunch of note messages when you hold down the pad, but if you have a pad controller that can’t do this, there’s still a way. The Korg Padkontrol’s roll function can sort of do this, but it kind of sucks.
To do this in FL Studio, I’m going to useLayer controlling FPC and Sampler in FL studio a layer with the FPC and a normal sampler channel as children. In the normal sampler channel, I’ve put a sample of a hihat in, and set the root note and note range to the note that corresponds to the pad I want to use for the hihat. What? Well, the pad I want to use on the Padkontrol sends out F#4 notes when I hit it. Since both the FPC and sampler channel are being controlled by the layer, both of them will recieve all of the notes from the Padkontrol. By left-clicking F#4 on the keyboard in the channel settings window, it will only respond to F#4, and then by right clicking F#4, I make sure it plays at the right pitch.Root note set to F#4 If you screw up, there’s a reset button in the MISC tab.
Now that I’m triggering the hihat with the right pad, I can set it to repeat. In the FUNC tab of the sampler, turn the arpeggiator on. I don’t think it matters which mode (ascending, descending…) you use, since it’s only going to be playing one note. Set the CHORD to (none), this is pretty important. Set the TIME knob until it’s playing the speed you want, .Arpeggiator set for note repeatand you’re done, pretty much. Put some drum sounds into the FPC, make sure you have the Layer selected, and play away. If you really want to, you could make another sampler channel on a different note for a double time hihat or something.
Usually, I just play the hihats normally with my Padkontrol, but this could be fun, especially with super fast buzzing samples all over the place. Here’s a zipped loop file, if you don’t have a Padkontrol, you’ll have to edit it.

And here’s a bad example,

Note Repeat


2 Responses to “Note Repeat in FL Studio, just like an MPC!”

  1. You know what would be sweet? We should go to the school sometime and sample like… every single percussive instrument there. We'd be so rich with good samples.

  2. When I get a job, I’m going to buy a microphone and stuff.

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