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Thanks, Blogger (and Google)

In my quest to find a suitable way to embed audio files in this blog, I thought that soundclick would be the best way. Blogger told me that I could upload video and image files, but not audio, and that I’d have to find somewhere else and probably pay out the nose to host my audio files,RSS Feed Button Says 'FEED ME!' and that it hated me for suggesting it. You probably didn’t notice that the soundclick player got totally frugged up in the feed,
which sucked, and totally screwed it up with huge white spaces all over the place. Frick.

Today I came across, and quickly registered/signed in with my GooglePass whatever thing. I guess all of Google’s little friends aren’t entirely aware of each other, or Blogger would probably have shown me this. Aaand it looks like I’ll be able to stream audio from it. Hopefully this will show streaming audio in the feed, and my blog will pretty much be a podcast, or whatever they call those things.
Actually, they won’t let me link directly to the mp3 files, and embedding them slows everything down, sooo I’ll keep looking. Maybe will work. Okay, and the yahoo media player works pretty good. I should probably just find some free hosting site to put this on, but that sort of thing falls under the “I’ll do it later when I actually have money.” category.


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