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Lo-Fi Crunch

Today I was chopping up beats, rearranging, resampling and generally messing with them. Eventually I thought it might be neat to double the speed and pitch of a beat, record it and half the pitch of the recording. That sounds sort of redundant, and all that really happened is the sample rate got chopped in half. I could have just decreased the sample rate, and it would have sounded pretty much exactly the same, but something weird happened and some parts didn’t get pitched correctly, so it sounds a little different. Back in the day, to maximize sampler memory, people would increase the pitch of a sound, record it into the sampler and play it back at lower pitches. Or they Lofi_crunchwould just decrease the sample rate.

Another aspect of that ‘Lo-Fi Crunch’ is decreasing the bit depth. Honestly, I can’t really tell the difference until I go down to 10 or so bits. Maybe that means I’m deaf, oh well. Edison has a bit reduction script that can crunchize things, and you can set the sample rate to anything you want. Crunch


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