Meer Power
Boring synth stuff


Well, I decided to move my blog over to wordpress, eventually my ‘real’ website will have wordpress, so I might as well not delay it. I kind of miss blogger. wordpress doesn’t allow you to change anything, and it’s kind of freaking slow. The neat Yahoo media player won’t work here, sadly, because again, wordpress won’t let me put one script in. Oh well. It looks kind of nice? I was going to try and change all the orange to blue, but I guess I’ll stick with orange.

I didn’t do anything very interesting today, besides some retarded Guitar Rig+trancegate stuff, but that’s pretty normal, anyways. I tried recording a video tutorial today, but I can’t talk and use FL Studio at the same time, so I guess I’ll try narrating it after recording the screen next time. I’ve been eating a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches, lately, kind of like in The Sims.


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