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Parallel Bandpass Filters

Formant frequencies in spectrum analyser.


Formant filters are cool, they make things sound like vowels. They’re just 2 or 3 bandpass filters in parallel, so that there’s 2 or 3 ‘spikes’ in the frequencies. What’s really interesting is that in human speech, the frequencies of these ‘spikes’ don’t change with the pitch of whoever’s voice. Even more interesting than that, the Fruity Love Philter in FL Studio lets you use up to 8 filters in series or parallel, and then you can make anything sound like a vowel!

Today I also discovered, in Love Philter, that the allpass filters don’t attenuate any frequencies, they just change the phase around the cutoff frequency. So, with an allpass filter in parallel with a bunch of other stuff, you could get cool phasing effects.  Also, since the allpass filter will basically cancel out things around the cutoff frequency, with a bunch in series with other stuff they can be used to make… anti-formant filters, or something…While i was learning this, I found out that the x1, x2, x3  modes correspond to 12, 24 and 36 db/octave filters. Soo that’s fun.
Here’s a sound of my pencil sharpener, and some other stuff.


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