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What is resampling?

Resampling is just bouncing down your synth patch (or anything else) to audio, messing with that audio, bouncing it down again, and on and on and on.Resampling is fun. Instead of making crazy noises by adding a crapload of effects to sounds, modulating them and whatever else, resampling saves CPU and is

I’m pretty sure most people record just one note of the synth, and then after they’re happy with the resamplization, put it into their favourite sampler and go from there, but there’s probably a bazillion ways to do this. Recently, I’ve been recording whole musical phrases of the synth, like a few bars, and then resampling that. This really gives me insane control on how the synth sound evolves over time and I can make changes rhythmically over the whole phrase. Something like “wawawawubwub waa waa waa wubwawubwub waaa waaa” whereas if you just slap it into your sampler, you’re stuck with the same sound, just different pitches.

It really gets fun when you know exactly what sounds you want to move between, and know how to make them with your synth. Sometimes I’ll make a few different cool noises and then crossfade between them in some way. I’ve tried dragging the audio clips directly into FL Studio’s playlist and then the crossfade option there, but it’s fun to do in edison as well. In edison, you can use the all-purpose envelope to vary how much is pasted into it. When the envelope is at the bottom, nothing is pasted, while at the top, everything is pasted. So, you can do crossfading directly in edison, which is useful if you’re recording things in edison as well. With a couple instances of edison, you could record one sound,  mess with it a bit, paste another sound over top of it, and vary how much is pasted with the all-purpose envelope.

Recently I’ve also been recording into edison and then playing the sample back through some filters or something, into another edison, and on and on and on…


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