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Reason CV Trickery

CV stands for Control Voltage. In ye olden days, control voltage was used to hook things together like modular synths and whatever else. Reason, trying to emulate the feel of ye olde hardware audio, lets you control things with CV. Most things. There comes a time when you want to control something with CV, but Reason decided that it didn’t want to put a CV input for that particular parameter on the back of the device. Like the level knobs of the little line mixer. So, what do you do, just use automation? NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!

While it sReason_cv1ucks that not everything on every device has a CV input, there’s a pretty easy way around this. The combinator has 4 knobs and 4 switches that can be assigned arbitrarily to any parameter on any device inside the combinator. Yes, it is the ‘Show Programmer’ button. If you’re trying to assign them to something in Thor, be prepared to scroll, but not with your mouse wheel, because that would be too convenient. Switching around to the backside of the combinator, lo and behold there are 4 CV inputs for the knobs!  Reason_cv2

Hey, I bet if I wanted to use one of Thor’s LFOs to control the level of a channel in a line mixer, I could just assign one of the combinator’s knobs to the level knob of the mixer and then hook up Thor’s LFO to the CV input for the combinator knob!

Wow! I’m so glad I don’t have to use automation to control whatever I want!


3 Responses to “Reason CV Trickery”

  1. Do you have beef against automation?

    • Well, I don’t do any sequencing in Reason, so any automation is in FL Studio, and if you wanted a super fast lfo on something, drawing in the automation would be ridiculous.

  2. Another post I read in 2009, when I was an idiot. Though I suppose I’ll look back at 2011 and say the same thing.

    This is really useful. Automation is super annoying sometimes.

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