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Things Out of Phase with Love Philter

The Fruity Love Philter is pretty neat. It sort of  has a silly name, but it’s a bank of 8 filters with envelopes and LFO’s for everything, waveshapers and serial/parallel nonsense. One thing that confused me for a long time was that the input gain knob for each filter ranged from -125% on the left to 125% on the right, with 0% in the middle, while the output volume knobs only have positive values. Eventually, I figured it out; the negative values on the input volume reverse the phase of the input for that filter! This way, it can be set up so that the filtered frequencies don’t cancel out other stuff!

If there are two filters in parallel, and one has no effect on the sound, but the second has it’s phase reversed and some frequencies filtered out, the frequencies that are left will cancel out the same frequencies on the other filter, as long as their volumes are relatively the same. With a bit of planning, this could be really useful. So far, I’ve used an out of-phase bandpass filter instead of a bandstop filter, but that’s kind of retarded.

The same thing can be done with the matrix inside Sytrus, one oscillator can be sent to a filter or whatever with an inversed phase, but there’s also a big ol’ phase knob on each of Sytrus’s oscillators.


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