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Chopping One-Shot Drum Samples Out of a Break And Making a Kit in FPC With Them

November 18, 2009

Chopping up a breakbeat in the Fruity Slicer or Slicex or Recycle etc. and rearranging it is a lot of fun. You can make the break your own, instead of just looping it. Even better, making one-shot drum samples from breaks and making huge velocity mapped multisample drumkits will let you mix and match between breaks and get relatively […]

Note Repeat in FL Studio, just like an MPC!

November 4, 2009

The note repeat function on Akai MPCs allows you to trigger a sampler at an interval you chose just by holding down a pad; you hold down a pad, a hihat plays eighth notes or whatever. I’m pretty sure that some midi pad controllers from Akai can do this, just by sending a bunch of […]