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Edit the SUCK Out of Your Drum Samples

April 8, 2010

I’ve seen a lot of drum samples. Sometimes, people giving them away or even selling them disregard some very simple things and wind up giving out completely useless samples. Here’s some tips to make sure your drums samples don’t suck it.   Advertisements

Exporting Regions from Edison for EasyMakeSamples

March 6, 2010

Edison’s ‘Export Regions’ function is so useful, I’m angry that I never knew about it until five minutes ago. In a nutshell, if you make a bunch of drum samples or loops or whatever and record them all into Edison one after another, splitting up each loop or sample with a marker and choosing export regions will […]

Ring Modulation

January 31, 2010

Ring Modulation is  a strange effect where two audio signals are multiplied together, instead of added together. It sounds friggen weird. Sadly, most VST ring modulators suck.

Making Your Own Cheesy Robot Drums

December 29, 2009

A lot of people use drum machine samples for drums in their music (TR-909, 808…) and stress out because their 808 kicks aren’t phat enough and stuff. But really (really!), everyone has heard these sounds, and it might be fun to make your own new and unique drum cheese sounds. If being new and unique […]

Chopping One-Shot Drum Samples Out of a Break And Making a Kit in FPC With Them

November 18, 2009

Chopping up a breakbeat in the Fruity Slicer or Slicex or Recycle etc. and rearranging it is a lot of fun. You can make the break your own, instead of just looping it. Even better, making one-shot drum samples from breaks and making huge velocity mapped multisample drumkits will let you mix and match between breaks and get relatively […]

Atonality n’ Stuff

November 17, 2009

One day, a long time ago, I was listening to podcast about synthesizers because of some school assignment or something. It was a couple of guys talking about ‘The Greatest Presets Evar’ or something like that, going through their favourite demo sounds on various synths and songs that they were in. Eventually, as they were […]

Additive Oscillators

November 11, 2009

Most people (maybe…) will start with the oscillators when they’re making a synth patch. They try to think of some interesting combination of shapes that will sound neat, or just flick the ‘supersaw’ switch. Sytrus has really fun oscillators. Since they’re additive, you can define the level and phase of each harmonic, making your own crazy shapes. One […]

Parallel Bandpass Filters

November 7, 2009

Formant filters are cool, they make things sound like vowels. They’re just 2 or 3 bandpass filters in parallel, so that there’s 2 or 3 ‘spikes’ in the frequencies. What’s really interesting is that in human speech, the frequencies of these ‘spikes’ don’t change with the pitch of whoever’s voice. Even more interesting than that, the […]

Lo-Fi Crunch

November 6, 2009

Today I was chopping up beats, rearranging, resampling and generally messing with them. Eventually I thought it might be neat to double the speed and pitch of a beat, record it and half the pitch of the recording. That sounds sort of redundant, and all that really happened is the sample rate got chopped in half. I […]


November 1, 2009

So, here’s some laser sounds. They’re pretty crappy, but that’s okay. Some oscillator sync, I think. Laser Sounds